• Chelsee Goins

Frozen Watermelon and Strawberry Patron Daiquiris

I'm absolutely in love with these daiquiris. There have been plenty of times where I've tried to make frozen margaritas and daiquiris, and it would turn out as simply crushed ice with alcohol in it. But these turned out perfect and actually had that daiquiri taste.

I purchased "Master of Mixes" daiquiri/margarita mix at Wal-Mart for no more than $10.00. I'm not sure exactly how much. I purchased the watermelon flavor and it was absolutely deeeelish.

All you'll need:

  • Patron/Any brand of tequila

  • Master of Mixes daiquiri mix

  • Ice

  • Strawberries/Limes/Watermelon for garnish (Optional)

Super simple, quick steps:

1. Pour the desired amount of tequila in blender. I used a nutri-bullet and it worked perfectly. Pretty much anything to grind the ice up.

2. Add your daiquiri mix - pour more than the alcohol for a fruitier taste.

3. (Optional) Add chunks of fruit. I added strawberries.

4. Add ice - the more ice the thicker the daiquiri. Keep playing with all three ingredients until you find the blend that you like.

5. Blend and enjoy. You can get creative and add salt to the rim, a pretty garnish as the one above, add a floater, add lime juice for more of a margarita taste - etc.

I made these margaritas with one bottle of this margarita mix at least 10 times. It's a bang for your buck, and it's way better than spending $10.00 on one drink.

We drank and paired these with taco night to enhance the theme. Try these with chicken tacos and chips and salsa.

I am you, I am me, IamChelsee.

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