• Chelsee Goins

2017 goals - what i've planned for this year


That's a question I had to internally ask myself. Despite "new year resolutions" - what do I want from 2017?

I'm not the best with staying on track with goal setting. I would set a few, but forget in the next three hours after scrolling online. I'd wake up the next day ready to tackle something that's not even in my plans.

Obviously from the title of this post - that has changed.

I want to share mine only because when I read others, I feel motivated. I love seeing what people have planned and how they plan to execute them. PLUS, we all know how bad 2016 has been for us. 2017 is truly hope for change and recovery, but most of all - pressure.

My biggest goal for 2017 is to build my image.

I've always used excuses when it came to taking pictures - I wanted to wait till' my hair was done a certain way or my outfit wasn't "on point". What it all boiled down to was lack of confidence. There's nothing more empowering than owning the camera. Putting yourself out there for not only others to see, but you. Confidence is the way to get things done. No one cares if you don't have faith in who you are and what you're trying to sell - so I'm taking this year to own everything.

Building my image helps me believe in my vision even more. It's fun to see your effort on camera. I felt so awkward at first but overall I conquered a fear that I recently discovered I had. When I look on Instagram, Tumblr, etc, I notice I compare myself to everything. If I see a girl that gets a new car, I see her happiness and start thinking I should work on getting a new one. If I see someone went vegan, I immediately regret the big ass chicken thigh I just slaughtered. I realized, I need to stop comparing, stop observing, and start creating. I want my own damn content and this is the year to build it.

Money, Money, Money - Investments, Assets, & Profits!

What really beat me down this previous year was my money management.

  • I have one source of income. That has to change especially because that source isn't something of my own.

  • I spend all the money I make. I want to change that into investing majority money that I make. Taking time to build more assets with my reinvested money. I definitely need to write a detailed post on this.

  • l am starting a new path of services - private catering, event planning & accepting clients as a personal chef. I need to make profit. I hate having the idea of doing something I love but overwhelming myself because I'm not making money. But by careful planning, concentration, & teamwork - profit can easily overflow.

I want to give up sleep.

I have a big vision to become a marketing genius in all different paths of events & cooking. I have a deep-rooted passion for it, but I've confused that with working toward it.

I am too lazy to accomplish the shit I want to do. My inconsistency screams "I love sleep more than my dreams!"

And maybe I should stop saying dreams because that makes it sound unachievable. They're simply goals that you have to work toward - not sleep toward. If I wake up too early, I plan out what time I'm gonna take my nap. If I go to sleep super late - I believe it is only right that I still get my 8 hours of sleep and just start my day late. I want to give that up. I'm missing some valuable ass time and time is money.

Say Cheese TV is blog that started from nothing - and has now created opportunities for every artist that's featured. It started as a dream that now helps build the dream of others - and the owner never sleeps. I follow him on Snapchat and it's pure motivation. If he's not traveling to every city for exposure, he's up working & sharing knowledge.

I need that energy and excitement back and sleep is going to have to stay with last year.

Meal Prep, Recipes & Private Catering

I'm so damn excited. I'm finally fucking meal prepping! *flashes titties*

A few of you know, it's been a long journey for me with cooking. I've never attended culinary school and neither did I even know how to cook until my junior year of college. But man oh man, the feedback and support I receive is something I'm so grateful for.

I love cooking, I love seeing food transform, I love how food brings us together and I love what I can when cooking/catering. I've worked in the restaurant industry for a long time and I'm all about CERVICE. (More on this soon)

But as you can see, the site is going through design changes & updates - but you can still contact me for any booking inquiries. Whether you're interested in a one-on-one dinners, private catering for a small group, treats for your party or meal prepping for your fitness journey or convenience - I GOT YOU.

What all do you have planned for the new year?

What can we do to make sure 2017 isn't as rough as last year?

I am you, I am me, IamChelsee