• Chelsee Goins

IamEvents presents - Misty's 24th Lingerie Party


That's crazy. When I write my goals down, becoming an event planner is always the priority. It's so wild to see it all come to life. It makes me feel silly for ever having doubt throughout the process. I didn't think someone who only knows of me, would reach out to me help them bring their vision to life - especially when I haven't been promoting myself consistently.

Anyway - got my first gig! Throughout the email process, I was very proud. I was letting my responses and approach flow naturally. Sometimes it's easy to google everything and think all business moves are to be done a certain way - but I didn't force it. I wanted to help plan the event and I kept it that simple.

So she wanted a lingerie party for her and ten close girlfriends - with a Victoria Secret theme. We started only a week before but still captured the theme through simple + cheap decor.


Overall, time management was my major issue. Even as small and intimate as the event was, I want to make it feel huge for my client and the guest. But all in all, it was great experience gained.

In event planning, anything and everything will go against your plans. The only way to be prepared is to manage your time as wisely as possible.

I did pretty good considering the fact that I shopped for everything in one day and a half. It was a hectic rush that I actually loved.

When setting up, I underestimated how long it would take me. I was setting up while her guests were arriving so I know that needs to improve.

But I had a good ass time seeing a vision we both created come to life. I know I'll be doing events on a much bigger scale, so this one I truly appreciated. It made me realize how important detail is.

My cupcakes sucked. I tried to make dick brownies (brownies that look like penises) and I did - but didn't save my picture. It started to become too time consuming so my treats didn't come out as planned.

Regardless of how "ready" you think you are - take opportunities to perform. I could've easily backed out because my "website is not up" or "I don't have business cards" - no one cares. Gain experience! Do it with enthusiasm and give fear a run for its' money. It's time to make shit happen and taking chances is the only way to start.

I am you, I am me, IamChelsee