• Chelsee Goins

solo 3-course meal w/scallops and lamb >

Yes, I made all of this for me.

Even though my stomach was in shambles the next day (because I ate way entirely too much) - this was one of the most relaxing, and comforting meals I've had in a while.

I'm always cooking extravagant meals for me and my friends - and making struggle meals for myself. I wanted to change that, and really cater to me with the same three course meal I'd give to anyone else. It was soothing, peaceful, and all in all alone time that I genuinely needed.

I've never had scallops. Well I've tasted one once or twice, and wasn't fond of them at all. I was confused as to what they were and where is the proof that this is meat? But I wasn't aware of what the hell a scallop was.

Low and behold, a scallop is hiding in a very common sea shell we all see. I didn't realize it was more similar to a mussel rather than a cut of a fish, lol. Maybe this is why I wasn't too fond of them.

Notice I said wasn't. Now - I think they're aight. I still don't like the texture of them, it's just a vibe I can't catch. And they're too seafoody if that makes sense.

But the presentation is to die for. I love the many different designs, garnishes, + colors you can use when plating pan seared scallops. The crust they develop is so beautiful, on top of being extremely easy to make.

I bought these scallops from Sprouts. They're a little pricier than shrimp and even certain cuts of salmon, but they're small so you do get a nice amount in a pound. I rinsed these under cold water, gently patted them dry and seasoned them very lightly with just salt, pepper, and paprika. I wanted to keep the seasoning light, to really enjoy the true taste of the scallop. I turned a cast iron skillet (and regular is fine as well) on medium and high - and let it heat with olive oil until hot. When placing your scallop in the pan, it should sizzle and instantly begin to form a crust, if not, remove it and wait until the pan heats appropriately.

There's no rocket science to scallops, sear on one side and flip when your crust is golden. Let the other side sear, and plate your scallops.

I garnished mine with onion sprouts - I really didn't have two ingredients I truly needed otherwise I would've made a sauce. I was too ready to get the scallops out the way and dig into this LAMB!

Omg, how great was this entree? It is always when I cook alone and take my time, that I wish I would've invited someone over to witness the taste.

This was amazing. Flavorful, tender lamb has a quality taste that I can get no where else. I picked these petite, organic lamb chops up at Sprouts - they're also a little pricier but it's lamb, which is considered a quality cut of meat.

I love roasted carrots. They turn into sweet potatoes to me with how sweet and caramelized they get. Of course, I offset the sweet with the hearty and crispy yellow potato wedges. Sprinkle some sea salt and let it roast with some thyme, they turn addictive.

I didn't have my chopped parsley for added color or lemon for a lemon butter sauce. I was sad, but super shocked with how tasteful this was.

After eating this, I wasn't sure if I had enough energy for a pizookie - but after a blunt, shot, and online work, I had to eat greedy.

This has to be my absolute favorite presentation so far with my pizookies. Of course, I wanted to add a mint sprig for that pop of green, but I loved the vibrancy of the berries and powdered sugar.

I tore this shit up. I usually eat 2/3 and scrape the rest out, but I scraped this little skillet, and even ate Oreos and ice cream afterward. I was really being unacceptably greedy this night.

Cook a three course meal for your self. Toast to your self. Cater to your self. Enjoy a night to your self.

Or book me to cook you one.

I am you, I am me, IamChelsee