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vision board: dream, luxury kitchens

dream luxury kitchens

The importance of vision boards, and constantly observing visuals of what you're chasing is UNDERRATED. With consistent exposure, it starts to look and feel more and more achievable. And who doesn't want to walk around in a exaggerated lingerie barefoot in these kitchens? Prepare now for the moment you'll have where you're picking out your marble countertops and custom chandeliers for your dream kitchen.

The typical all-white kitchen cabinets and white, grey marble countertops have faded. I'm obsessed with the very sleek, yet artistic kitchens. They usually have similarities with muesums in my opinion.

I wanted to do a little research behind the different types of luxury kitchens, what are all the features, and what is an estimate of what they cost.


  • kitchen islands

  • granite or marble countertops

  • custom kitchen cabinets - extend to ceiling

  • hardwood or tile flooring

  • custom lighting

  • tile black-splashes

  • stainless steel appliances

  • eat-in section at the island or large peninsula

  • glass-faced cupboards

  • full double-sided refrigerators

  • double oven

  • gas stoves

  • pantries

kitchen style types

A lot of times you'll hear modern, traditional, classic, etc. But I want to clarify the different types, to help understand 'interior vocabulary'.


When you hear the term "character", it refers to traditional style kitchens. These are the most popular style that resembles designs from centuries. These consume the "Victorian, Georgian," etc. style types. A formal, yet elegant look/feel. The cabinets are usually a bright white with molding, or deep warm colors.


The sexiest of them all. These are usually cutting edge design separating far from traditional styles. Some can see these as cold and souless styles, but I personally love how original they are. You can put your homey touches to a bare, minimal surface.


Contemporary has the ability to be both. It's up to date, adding a little more riskiness than traditional. Yet, not as cutting edge as modern. I love contemporary, chic kitchens. The beautiful chandeliers that tie in all of the sparkle of the marble countertops and tiled floors. Even the warm colors with stainless steel appliances are warm, inviting, yet trendy.


I'm still deciding all on what my top styles are and what color scheme I'd go for - but overall, I'm still planning my dream kitchen so when it comes, that can be checked off the list.

What's your favorite style?

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