• Chelsee Goins

I Moved to Hotlanta!

i moved to hotlanta!

Never thought in a million years that I would make ATL the first city I live in away from home. Actually, I had no plans to even leave home. I've always loved Dallas, and rep it to the fullest.

But home started to feel stagnant for me. It really hit me after a bad break-up I experienced, making me realize how much I lost my curiosity for more than the things that have been taking my attention.

There are times where home will make you believe that it is where you belong. We make a list long of excuses as to why moving to another state isn't something we want, or isn't necessary.

But who doesn't want a blank canvas? Who doesn't want a fresh start to the new you? Or even more, who doesn't want to experience a new way of living? All in all, I have no kids and no real ties that would hinder me from making such a big move, so I jumped!

atlanta taught me to think bigger

After making the move, I had a true culture shock to just how different people were. From the liveliness of the city to the conversations, I could tell Atlanta moves a bit faster than Dallas (especially within my culture).

By moving faster, I mean the actions of my peers. Owning real estate at a much younger age, working hand and hand with celebrities, etc. After all, it is the black Hollywood.

But I learned that everyone here has a hustler mentality. Barely ANYone is born and raised from Atlanta, and they know not to stop there. I've learned to continue wanting more while using the SHIT out of what you have.

Has anyone else made the big move? I remember posting it on my Instagram and I received SO much great feedback and wishes of luck. Let me know what city you've moved to, or want to!

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