• Chelsee Goins

Nightlife Chronicles: Hotlanta! Pt. 1

revel atlanta

Well, I'm shocked this night was my first time at Revel as I was supposed to host a million times before.

Revel reminded me of a party from college honestly. Super, super long line, probably for no reason, and a stage where the DJ is. I haven't seen clubs with stages in a minute, and of course, I wind up on it twerking like I"m a sophomore again.

Luckily, I knew some really cool promoters who let us skip the line and chill in their section. Without access to a section, I'm not sure I would've been as comfortable, so we were grateful. I like Revel and I love @eventsnappers photos! PLEASE be careful where you park at Revel as we saw cars getting towed left and right. The crowd in Atlanta is always unpredictable, and this was nothing different.

republic atlanta

I've only been once, and the night we went was a celebration of Carl Thomas's birthday. He performed too, which was dope for a free, unexpected concert. It's a large venue that's somewhat two-sided. The first half is open space with sections lining the right side, and a large bar on the other. Then further down, there's an area of all sections that are right underneath large screens.

I had a bomb ass time. I like the vibe of the club from the lights to sectioning. I noticed they use the club often for celebrity events and so forth.

rosebar atlanta

I always started out loving this club the most. Mainly because of how exclusive it seems to me. It's a really intimate and quaint feel. Although the club is basically made of sections, I always find a way to get comfortable (to a certain extent) without being in one. Drinks are high as shit, and the two bars are hell to get to, but it somehow always ends in a good time.

The bathroom is the littest, where everyone takes pics by the mirrors. The best night to go is a Tuesday, which is still mind blowing to me. It's located in Buckhead so there's a few great spots to eat at for afterwards. Love the photographer @sethonset there too!

suite food lounge

I've been here twice, and both times were a bit opposite of each other. Atlanta is big on finding the right day these clubs jump. I went on a Saturday for a friends birthday, and it was a much older crowd. I'm not sure if I heard one trap song which you all knew broke my heart. It's a very spacious venue, and multiple areas.

The second time I went was the littest, which was a Friday. PSA, going on a Friday night, please get there early or know someone who can get you in because the line is outrageous. We went to the rooftop which is spacious too. It's probably an age range for 25+. Parking for Suite Lounge is reasonable with a lot of apartments surrounding the venue, but be careful with parking anywhere a hit and run can occur. (I am guilty of hitting someone's car while trying to parallel park.


"walk out follies with a bitch" - bardi b."

I understand that line to a whole different level now. I don't know what it is but I fell in love with two strippers at Follie's, follow them on IG to this day, and still feel the need to make another visit when I get stacked up.

It's real quaint, and really illustrates the Atlanta feel. The strippers range in looks which is always good, from dark complexion and petite to thick and yelllow. I'm usually always in love with my chocolate ladies but I was a victim to the red bones this night. There's a spot called Blu Lagoon right across the street for a late night meal. Chill with the parking lot pimping here too, it's still Atlanta and can get dangerous quickly.

cru lounge

I like me some Cru. I've only been once and it is as small as a closet but for some reason it's a vibe. I think they're now implementing a DJ, but even the laptop tunes were spot on. The grass/floral walls and consistent theme throughout the menu are dope.

Pricing? Yes maam! I can come here on a budget and still leave tore up. Tuesday's they have $2 everything from tacos, shots, to margaritas. They have good hookah pricing, and certain days where Cru is your first option. I met up with an old college friend while they were in town and was super glad I chose Cru to host.


Now in all honesty, the first time I went I didn't even know where I was. We went AFTER Follie's, and I was OUT of there. I literally walked in, went to the restroom, and stayed there in a stall the entire time, lol. I'll show y'all an after pic of me at the bottom of the post.

Allure is dope. From the lighting, the venue set up, the bartenders and strippers, it's a pretty cool feel. Unfortunately, I don't know much about parking or the drink pricing, but I know these are one of the strip clubs where you'll need a man escort. If you're not familiar, certain strip clubs won't allow women to come on their own. As to why, I'm not sure, but definitely have a man accompany you to both here and Follie's.

Ask for P behind the bar too! #Gramfam

alibi atlanta

I love me some Alibi. Alibi is downstairs, and their upstairs is called Opium. I love a venue with plenty of screens and entertainment which they definitely have. It is mainly sections, but once I went with my homegirl and two homeboys and we all still had a good time without giving into a section.

Parking is a headache and a half. They tell you $20 to self-park and I think $25 for valet. Like what kind of shit is that?

Other than that, pricing for drinks are standard as well as hookahs. They have R&B nights on Tuesdays which are pretty cool and chill. We can easily pull up here after work as its a perfect late night spot. I even came in tennis shoes one day.

vod's lounge

Please excuse the horrible quality of pictures. VOD's is my shit. It's a little hood which I love, because those are the best DJ's in my opinion. It's somewhat downtown and parking on the street is a little bit rough, there's always the homeless assistance who works hard for his tips.

A lot of people say it's an African club which is probably why I love it lol, they're so generous. "You want a shot baby?" This is a guaranteed ratio of more men which is rare in Atlanta. This is usually lit on a Wednesday or any other night honestly, lol. They don't close until 3:00 - 3:30. I twerked on a Wednesday night until 3:45 am, which is the night I fell in love with VOD's.

mansion atlanta

Mansion was cool the two times I've went. It's a spacious venue, with levels of sections. Parking wasn't as bad since they actually have a lot surrounding the building (from what I remember)

It was four of us that went this night and we got a small section downstairs, which I hope cost less than the smaller sections upstairs.

From what I remember, the DJ was pretty commercial. I think the best night to go is Saturday, all depending on your age preferences. I know one of the promoters for Mansion and they always have celebrity appearances.

elleven45 lounge

I definitely liked elleven 45 the one Saturday night I went, because I literally pulled up at 2:30 and had a good ass time, lol. I had enough time to get drinks from the section, find me some eye candy, and get a good feel for the DJ.

The venue is separated into sections, but very open, and eye catching with the neon/changing lights surrounding the walls. The same promotion team that I'm familiar with at other nightclubs, throws Sunday day parties at elleven45 which always look pretty lit.

Again, just knowing the right days to go to clubs/lounges in Atlanta is key, and elleven45 is definitely one that should be a good time. Parking is still sky high, but they have a lot behind the building which is good. Make sure if you purchase parking, that it's with people who actually work the parking lot, and not just a finesser.

although i'm no longer in atlanta...

I hope this helps you as a guide for your nightlife in the A. I'm definitely heading back to visit even more spots for my next trip, and will have a pt. 2 to these shenanigans. Let me know some spots you love, and more that I need to visit!

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