• Chelsee Goins

it's been a minute

didn't expect to be back.

Where and how have y'all been? I had plans to never blog again. I pretty much stopped caring about it overall. But lately it's been a need to.

I use to share my journey in the frustrating moments of being a broke, entrepreneur full of ideas and no solid plan. I set a goal to get a job and find some structure, discipline, and business exposure. I've achieved just that.

I love my current job. It's teaching me so much that I've already applied to building my dream career. I'm a customer relations representative. In blatant terms, I'm on the phone receiving calls from customers with a wide range of complaints, concerns, and feedback. We're the highest level of escalation, so there's usually an issue.

Dealing with these type of calls repeatedly, helps me understand what we as customers want from the services we purchase. It shows me empathy, patience, and the stone cold fact that some people are crazy af

as much as it teaches me, its not my passion

I've honestly been so uninspired lately. I've lost clarity in just what my passion is. Which explains why I'm back blogging.

I truly feel like I have failed not only my own, but everyone's expectations so far. Almost everyone I know continues to tell me "make it happen" with a sense of "bitch you should've been lit and making coins already". It sucks, but I agree.

I honestly feel as if whatever route I'm taking with cooking, catering, blogging, event planning, and so forth - it just needs to fucking happen.

Expressing my perspective through blogs really inspires so many different ideas. Starting from the source, is what's going to get my creative business ideas off the ground, and the source is iamchelsee.com.

Starting from the source is my goal overall, and learning God so that I can reflect Him is my only option.

fighting to update as much content as possible,