• Chelsee Goins

My Organization Process; Forming the Habit


I had to get straight to it. This wouldn't be a realistic lifestyle blog if I didn't keep it as transparent as I can; When it comes to organization and cleanliness, I am my daddy's son. I've always had tomboy-ish ways, and I've struggled with simply keeping my room clean since... birth, lol.

It definitely carried on into my teen years, early adult, and even now. I always admired my friends who kept clean houses, cars, and even purses. For more transparency that you didn't ask for, when I moved in with an ex-boyfriend - I witnessed a whole man be more organized than myself.

It wasn't until I started struggling with my catering events and orders that I realized I was ridiculously disorganized. It began to carry into my timeliness to work and events, and my patience for the day was shot.


Rather than giving you post on tips of 'how to' - these are the goals to myself. Recently, I've been very intentful in staying organized in every way. I've seen it literally change everything from my finances to my relationships.


This book 'The Quick Guide to Home Organizing' by Sandra Felton is spot on. It's initially about home organizing, but really drops gems for life overall.

She's right, it's a process. A lot of times I think I can clean one good time and barely have to again. Thirty minutes later, I can start to see the junk slowly build up, and later I adapt back to being comfortable with a pile of clothes as a pillow.

A process requires routine. You don't get to do one deep clean and see results. It is a continuous routine that requires one thing: HABIT. You have to implement patience in everything you do during the process of developing new habits.

Work on a 30 day challenge that requires you to build the habit of cleaning up every day. I set a challenge for myself to put everything back in its place, every single time. I can see it reflecting in everything I do now, and saving a lot of time.


Decluttering is clarity. You know where shit is, you know how long it will take you to get ready, you know you can send an invoice in 2 minutes, you know you can walk into a clean kitchen to start dinner, you just know. Clarity is a beautiful thing when it comes to time efficiency.

Build a habit of KNOWING; you know the place that you set for all of your belongings. Something I battle with is sending my custom menus and invoices quickly. I had to organize my computer files by very specific titles, folders, and creating templates for quick input. It has changed the way my bookings flow, and overall my finances.


The same way we all became photographers when Instagram came out, is the same way we can find our inner interior designer from Pinterest. Dive into this organization porn gallery with me.

You guys know I almost had a heart attack when I saw that pantry. When you know what you want your space to look like, the easier it is to get it done.

I realized containers are my best friend. When I wake up 30 minutes behind schedule, I'm rushing to the bathroom to get ready QUICKLY - and the last thing I need is to spend 10 minutes looking for a hair tie so I can jump in the shower.

Group like items together. Make a container for your hair items, then another for your make-up, and etc. I have had such a productive week simply because I know where shit is. I have a big event I'm catering for this weekend, and I don't feel so stressed out or worried because I'm organized and aware.


Also, dive into The Mona Lisaa Styles. She is my home/DIY/organization MUSE. Watch her Instagram highlights and make sure you have the sound up because she's lowkey your favorite Neo-Soul DJ. Instagram: @themonalisaa


Often times we just clean up and put things away. Take a second to observe your routine, and adjust your belongings around that.

For instance, I'm a caterer. I love pinching my seasonings with my fingers, or using a spoon, because I use a lot of seasonings at one time. If I kept the shaker spout on mine, it would take forever.

So, I went to Hobby Lobby, picked up these really cute jars, and made my seasoning situation fit me.

(They were $1.99 each, and I made labels for them. I'll be remaking the labels and a more in depth post about my favorite kitchen products)

I'm on top of my shit when I'm organized.

What are ways that you stay organized in your room, car, bathroom, etc.? Comment below and share your tips/thoughts with us. We all need them!

"Being disorganized is a disservice to those you love and to you. Becoming well organized is an important gift you give yourself, and others."