• Chelsee Goins

Review: NOBU Malibu Eats + My First Trip to LA

NOBU MALIBU it was absolutely beautiful

Before this trip, i've never even been to a beach before. As soon as I landed in LAX we had to rush to get ready and head to NOBU for our dinner reservations. We drove about two hours to Malibu, California. (Dear tourists, please google 'recreational' dispensaries as many dispensaries we stopped by were medical and requested documentation)

Before even going into how beautiful NOBU was, LA traffic is hell on earth.

However, as soon as we pulled into valet, it was all worth it. NOBU sits on the beach front, with beautiful outdoor seating and interior. Immediately upon entering, the customer service was top notch (as we expected).


but who doesn't after eating at a steakhouse/high-end restaurant? I literally ate Wendy's after this, lmao.

We enjoyed our first cocktail of the spicy margarita, which was beautifully crafted. It started out with a very spicy punch, then simmered down and made the cocktail interesting the whole way through.

I then ordered a side car, and Ribeye tacos. They were literally one bite, for $8.00 each. I mean almost less than one bite.

You're more so paying for the experience and ambience there rather than anything else. Regardless of my stomach growling after we just left, I would recommend NOBU as a must when visiting California.

We watched the sunset as well. They had very convenient, large burners for when it gets chilly at night. Overall, I would rate NOBU a 9 out of 10.

and of course, we had to experience the california flowers

I think edibles just aren't for me. I actually thought something was wrong with me, as I was drowsy and just ready to eat and lay down. It took me about two days later after getting back home that, duh, that is what edibles do to you.

crenshaw + slauson

We made a very necessary stop to Nip's block, which i thought at the time was giving me the closure I need. I was wrong, as I don't think anyone will find true closure of Nip's death.

Riding around the streets of his hometown city was hard. Crenshaw is my favorite album of all time, and it hit so different in Cali. I choked up a couple of times but didn't want to be that girl.

We jammed Larry June pretty heavy too, who's an LA/San Fran native. His lyrics and style remind me so much of Nip. I'm a stan fan.

We actually lit up a backwood right by Nip's mural which was dope.

as beautiful as everything was...

I definitely encourage traveling with a friend or a significant other. I went kind of as a hot girl, with a guy that I don't necessarily have romantic feelings for. I saw an opportunity for an experience I've been craving, but didn't think of how it could turn back on me.

Looking at the beach and soaking it all in was needed, but I still felt like I wanted to experience it with someone else, which sucked.

All in all, your girl has been to Cali and I definitely plan on going back. Where else do I need to eat?

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